The Live Action Escape Game has landed...expect an encounter of the terrifying kind!

Hide and Shriek's Newest Experience is now open, for a limited Summer run! If you haven't yet booked, then scroll down on the home page to the Booking Widget (or select book now from the menu) and secure your ticket today. Whether you're completely new to Hide and Shriek and Escape Games, or a seasoned veteran - you're in for an absolute treat.

Alien Escape is best described as 'Crystal Maze meets Alien' - we will lock you into a multi-room themed environment, in which you must piece together a series of puzzles and clues in a bid to try and escape within 60 minutes...however things will take a sinister turn with a rather terrifying Live Action Finale!

It is an experience that features the latest Theme Park Show Control Technology, an Alien that has been created by a leading SFX designer from the USA and it has all been designed by the Award Winning Creators of Dead Centre and the I'Scream Factory - it is a recipe for scares and fun!

Alien Escape is only here for the Summer, so do not miss out on this opportunity to experience a unique, thrilling and immersive experience. As much as we would like to keep it running for longer, we have some scary and devious things planned for Halloween in an event that will be one of our biggest ever!

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down the home page, and secure your tickets via our booking widget - we assure you it is something you won't want to miss out on ;)

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