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"What an amazing experience. My partner took me there as a surprise for my birthday, I have never been so scared in my life, at first I thought to myself it's just a show it won't be bad, but by the end of it we were gripping each others hands so hard our hands were clammy and our fingers were white. The way it was set out was pure genius."

Jo L - TripAdvisor

" The set is brilliant and really adds to the atmosphere. We thought we knew what to expect as have been to other scare mazes and escape rooms but we were both a bit unnerved by it all. It is def worth a visit and expect to be pretty freaked out!"

emma c - TripAdvisor

"The Hide and Shriek attractions are some of the most unique, imaginative and incredible experiences you could hope to have."

Matt W - TripAdvisor

"Just come back from the Seance. The best half hours fun ever. The house, details and effects not to mention the actors are as good as any film. Totally interactive and has us laughing and jumping from the minute we arrived to the minute we left and we haven't stopped talking about it yet."

Skinny_Kris - TripAdvisor



"If the other sell out audiences enjoyed Dead Centre as much as we did then the Hide and Shriek team would be crazy not to bring it back later in the year!"  Read more...

- Micheal Bolton, Scaretour on Dead Centre


"The whole event just feels totally unique, and it’s no surprise that the two nights sold out so quickly. So I would highly recommend that if you’re interested in their next event, you book early to save disappointment!" Read more...

- Ria Parish, Love Southend on Dead Centre


"If they put on this show again, then I’d recommend getting tickets" Read more...

- Ken Furguson, Logic Escapes Me on Dead Centre


"I had an absolutely fantastic evening. Walking out of the shopping centre, I was grinning from ear to ear and absolutely buzzing off the adrenaline!" Read more...

- James Collins, Scareflixs and Thrill on Dead Centre


"It was a phenomenal experience! The whole setting inside the shopping centre was brilliant." Read more...

- Callum Darcy, Deadhead TV on Dead Centre


"The attraction was one of the most original concepts we have seen and the transition from family friendly factory tour to sheer terror was handled really well. Add in the amazing detail in the sets, the menacing actors throughout and the underlying soundtrack. It was genuinely that good!" Read more...

- Micheal Bolton, Scaretour on I'Scream Factory


"From the sweet smell of ice cream lingering in the smoky air, to the strobe lighting that seems to throw you off balance. With a creepy cast of live actors to guide you on your way, and scare you half to death just when you think you’re safe, you’re constantly in a state of anxiety." Read more...

- Ria Parish, Love Southend on I'Scream Factory