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It is a Halloween scare attraction with a twist - no walking through in conga lines, or long waits to get in. This is a premium 30 minute immersive experience that will see you attempt to make contact with the dead...unfortunately for you, it will go terrifyingly wrong! 


Is it a real Séance, will I actually encounter a real ghost? 


We do use genuine 18th Century Séance techniques, and the story has been based on actual events...despite this, it is a synthetic Séánce that does not actually make contact with the 'genuine' afterlife. 


Is Strobe lighting in use? 


Yes, flashing lights will feature at certain points within the attraction, along with smoke effects and loud noises.


Are other people in the experience at the same time?

Yes, the experience has a capacity of 24 people - but we can assure you, that this won't make you feel any safer. When it comes to The Séance, there is no such thing as safety in numbers. 



What is Splatterbox?


We are an independent theatrical company that produces live action horror experiences, our location varies depending on the event or attraction. In the event of a query, please contact us rather than the venue.



Where is Splatterbox located?


We vary locations depending on the event and attraction, for Halloween 2021 our Seance experience will be taking over the Caddies Comedy Club in Southend-on-Sea. 



Is it suitable for children?

Our experiences are not suited to anyone under 13, or those of a nervous disposition - they are intended to scare.